We have put the following afternoon tea packages together to help give you an idea of pricing for your event. However, we are ready to tailor all our packages to suit your needs, so please do get in touch for a tailor-made quote!

Ten Guests- £35

The perfect vintage afternoon tea package for a birthday party, hen do or baby shower.


10 x Teacups, Saucers and Plates

2 x Tea Pots

2 x Milk Jugs

2 x Sugar Bowls

2 x Jam Bowls

2 x Sandwich Plates

2 x Three Tier Cake Stands

10 x Teaspoons

10 x Pastry Forks

10 x Tea Knives

Fifty Guests - £150

Everything you need for a larger vintage birthday celebration, christening or garden party!


50 x Teacups, Saucers and Plates

10 x Tea Pots

10 x Milk Jugs

10 x Sugar Bowls

10 x Jam Bowls

10 x Sandwich Plates

10 x Three Tier Cake Stands

50 x Teaspoons

50 x Pastry Forks

50 x Tea Knives

One Hundred Guests - £250

Perfect for a vintage wedding or large celebration.


100 x Teacups, Saucers and Plates

20 xTea Pots

20 x Milk Jugs

20 x Sugar Bowls

20 x Jam Bowls

20 x Sandwich Plates

20 x Three Tier Cake Stands

100 x Teaspoons

100 x Pastry Forks

100 x Tea Knives